Text 17 Jul 52 notes Waking up happy

The sun streamed in through the curtainless window in the guest bedroom of Charlie’s apartment. It brightened up the room…and shined directly into Charlie’s face. He shifted in his sleep, eyes fluttering open reluctantly. 

He groans softly, lifting a hand to shield his eyes. It was then that he noticed the warm body pressed against his. Charlie grinned down at Justin, his boyfriend remembering everything from the night before with a giddy sort of happiness. 

Charlie leaned in to lightly kiss the still sleeping Justin’s lips, trying his very best not to wake him up.

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    Justin smiled back at him, leaning against him slightly, nudging his shoulder, as they continued to walk towards the...
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    "They can think what they want. Doesn’t make me any less of a catcher. They only person’s opinion I care about is...
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